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Love Always.

My name is Charmaine Odums I identify as a lesbian and I am asexual.

MCCH Services is my LLC and stands for Maurice, Corey, Charmaine. Maurice and Corey are my older brothers. They are not involved in the business but they and my cat Olive are my world at the end of the day.

Growing up me and my family were homeless twice and on welfare and I have personally experienced workplace discrimination for being black and queer. These are important for the nonprofits I choose to partner with as you'll see later.

I spent 2 years in Americorps ( like the domestic peace corps) so giving and community service are a huge part of who I am and what my business will stand for.

 To learn more about me and my life or just for pictures of my cat you can take a look at my personal instagram it is public @charmaineodums feel free to follow @pridealways.us as well.

Our Story

Pride Always began June 1st 2022 because I had been sitting on this feeling that I needed to do something for the community for several years and every pride month when I saw mega corporations change their logos and pretend like they had been supportive year round it made me mad.

I ran a survey earlier in the year and asked "do you feel welcome in queer spaces" 2 of several hundred people said yes. Especially in less known expressions of identity and Gender Sexual Romantic Minorities the community was saying they often even in queer spaces have felt excluded . So I decided to do something about it.  

We believe that everyone should feel accepted and validated in their identity, no matter how new it is, how they look, or if other people know about it. We also believe that everyone should be empowered to love themselves and others unconditionally. They should have access to resources that will help them do so.

Pride Always is run out of my home in Austin, Tx and I do nearly everything myself with the exception of using suppliers to make the products. 

The clothing is one small part of who we are as an organization.  My goal is to empower the LGBTQIA+ community through pride apparel, community and events. 

My heart is in love with my community. Thank you for supporting this mission and please let me know what I can do to love and support you.

Our mission

Pride Always is the most inclusive pride community. Empowering ALL queers to be true to themselves, to love themselves and others unconditionally and to shine, with a little extra sparkle.

Core Values

  • 🌈 Love
  • 🌈 Community
  • 🌈 Ambition
  • 🌈 Boldness
  • 🌈 Inclusion
  • 🌈 Open-Minded
  • 🌈 Transparency

Non-Profits We Give To

  •  Out & Equal - Workplace equality for LGBTQ
  • Outright International - Fighting for International LGBTQ Rights
  • Ali Forney Center - Supports LQBTQ homeless youth


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